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Came home to another big pile of branches and brush, this time parked in my driveway near the gate so my car ends up farther away from the house looking like it can’t decide if it’s coming or going. SO FRUSTRATED that when I finally get the yard cleaned up after years of it running amok, the handyman had trimmed, trimmed, and I mean trimmed the chilean mesquite tree. Am I being too subtle? After he whacked the crap out of the tree and left me the remains.

I realized it would take about three months to get it all into my weekly trash container and I’m not hauling groceries from my car to the house in 110 degrees one inch more than I have to, so I called the city’s environmental something something…the garbage picker uppers. Discovered you can schedule your own personal “bulky pick-up” cheaper than hiring someone!

I know we’re supposed to be angry at the city for raising garbage fees again, but I’ll let it go this time. I love my bulky pick ups.

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oofs and ooves

If it’s one hoof but two hooves, why not one roof and two rooves? Maybe because roove is a word that means something else. According to the Oxford English dictionary, the noun roove is “a burr for a rivet.” Which is logical because to roove is to rivet, or to rub or knock against the roof. My house is getting a new roof, and the roofers are rooving loudly.

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do something

Journalist Bill Moyers, retiring soon, talked about how Robert F. Kennedy planned to have the major tv networks air a two-hour primetime documentary on American poverty if he were elected president. “If the people knew, certainly they would act.”

“I no longer believe that” said Moyers in an interview. “We have so much information. We know what’s wrong. The predicament is:  We don’t do anything about it.”

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Wore my blue “be the change you want to be in the world” tee shirt to the community garden meeting Saturday.  Somebody read the words out loud, and the elderly master gardener sitting nearby yelled,  “Well, get to it!”

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signs make the meal

A city ordinance passed a few years ago puts limits on height, brightness and location of business signs. Some old ones were grandfathered in and can stay, but they can’t be modified. I drove by Lucky Wishbone today, its tall 1950-ish starburst still standing. A recent newspaper article said some of the lights are going out, but they can’t be repaired because of the ordinance. I hope the “L” doesn’t go out. Who would want to eat at ” ucky Wishbone?”

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blog birth certificate

It was probably more fun to come up with a name for this blog than it will be to take care of it. Like when you get a cat and spend days trying names on it, but the next thing you know you’re standing barefoot in the dark in its barf.

“Transient events”  started it all. Saw those words in a newspaper headline and felt called to put a blog under them. But they’re owned.

“Transient signals” has a cool definition, from Wikipedia: “In acoustics and audio, a transient is a short duration signal that represents a non-harmonic attack phase of a musical sound or spoken word…” But I figured a bunch of electrical engineer types would stumble into me on google and feel one-clicked too many.

“Unconclusion” is not an official word which made some people go “huh?” I still like it.

“Time, Space, Memory” is available! In Search of Lost Time themes. I really have read all 12,000 pages, but using that as a blog name is  just a wee bit pretentious for someone who mentions cat barf.

Boring stuff, like “desert dust” “adobe dust”  “adobe crumbles” which all relate to my home ownership issues and of which I don’t need to be reminded.

But after much thesaurus-ing around, decided on “transient act” and you can read the “about page” about why.

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