new nukes for a rainy day

President Obama’s DOE released a nuclear weapons stewardship plan as part of its 2010-2011 budget that manages to spend more money on fewer warheads. Or will there be fewer?  Because along with reducing the nuclear arsenal 40-50 percent (but with budget numbers $2 billion higher than for the full arsenal) it includes an additional $8Continue reading “new nukes for a rainy day”

it’s about the friends you walk with

This is a video I took at the 2006 International Assembly of Nonviolent Peaceforce in Nairobi Kenya. Nobel Peace Laureate  & NP supporter Mairead Maguire led us in a tree planting ceremony at the end of the gathering. (Sorry for the big flickr label, just click play.) Mairead is a warm, generous and wise woman.Continue reading “it’s about the friends you walk with”

dissolving into completeness

I found another quote, this time written in a black and white faux marbled mini-notebook that I bought at Walgreen’s a few years ago, three for a dollar. I almost remember watching a c-span show about Willa Cather and scrambling to find something to write the quote in. Found a page in the middle ofContinue reading “dissolving into completeness”