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“Shed a Little Light” by James Taylor. It’s a joyful tribute.


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President Obama’s DOE released a nuclear weapons stewardship plan as part of its 2010-2011 budget that manages to spend more money on fewer warheads. Or will there be fewer?  Because along with reducing the nuclear arsenal 40-50 percent (but with budget numbers $2 billion higher than for the full arsenal) it includes an additional $8 billion ($175 billion over the next 20 years) on” new weapons production, testing and simulation facilities…That price tag does not include the cost of maintaining and operating nuclear weapons delivery systems, which are covered by the Department of Defense budget.” (quote from the Federation of American Scientists.)

This is yet another example of do what we say, not what we do. YOU must cut back on your nuclear stockpiles, and YOU must not start nuclear weapons program. But WE are special, WE need to be able to build new nukes really really fast if another bad guy shows up.

Or WE need to keep some politicians and defense contractors really really happy.

And exactly where is all the nuclear waste from this program going to? I’m pretty ticked off, Mr. Obama. My grandson just turned five, and this is the gift you’re giving him?

Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex protest

At least some folks keep up the fight to make US pay attention:


Photo courtesy of The Nuclear Resister

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This is a video I took at the 2006 International Assembly of Nonviolent Peaceforce in Nairobi Kenya. Nobel Peace Laureate  & NP supporter Mairead Maguire led us in a tree planting ceremony at the end of the gathering. (Sorry for the big flickr label, just click play.)

Mairead is a warm, generous and wise woman. I was thrilled she took time to chat with me, and she offered advice which I’ve taken to heart and action. She knew I was going to be carrying responsibility on an international level, and told me to “remember, family comes first, then  your local work, and then doing  international work.”  And so for me, for now, it’s back to family because I’m needed. And while I’m sad to lose the Peaceforce community, I feel good about my choice to turn toward home.

I’ve also come to realize how important my friends are. Friends from school, from my peace and nonviolence work, from my day job, friends who are also family, neighbors…whatever work I do, in the end, as Mairead says, it’s about the friends I’ve walked with.  My deepest gratitude to all of you.

truth, love and friends

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Bill Moyers retired this week. I’ve watched his work for many years. For me he has been  a calm voice of reason, a person who can hear many “sides” and speaks the truth gently. A story on his last show, Friday April 30, was about the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. The ICCI is fighting to get government to be for the people, not for the bankers and corporations. Reasonable, calm and bold citizens fighting back. Please watch the story on the sidebar of this blog.

Thanks, Mr. Moyers.

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do something

Journalist Bill Moyers, retiring soon, talked about how Robert F. Kennedy planned to have the major tv networks air a two-hour primetime documentary on American poverty if he were elected president. “If the people knew, certainly they would act.”

“I no longer believe that” said Moyers in an interview. “We have so much information. We know what’s wrong. The predicament is:  We don’t do anything about it.”

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Wore my blue “be the change you want to be in the world” tee shirt to the community garden meeting Saturday.  Somebody read the words out loud, and the elderly master gardener sitting nearby yelled,  “Well, get to it!”

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