reading and waffles

One of my grandson’s favorite foods is waffles. He used to like them frozen out of a box – that started when he was teething and frozen waffles seemed to soothe his gums. He’s graduated to the real deal now.  He’s a very picky eater, believing not in the pyramid of food groups but inContinue reading “reading and waffles”

is buying a Kindle a betrayal?

I never considered buying a Kindle. Until, well, last week for about five minutes before I bought one. It could be that I pre-ordered one of the new (cheapest) Kindles because since my house was burgled I’ve been suffering unreasonable urges to buy more stuff. But I hope I ordered it because of the reasonContinue reading “is buying a Kindle a betrayal?”

is your library your memory theater?

Oh, the joy of discovery just when you’re turning circles on the straight road of reason. I’ve been pondering In Defense of the Memory Theater, by Nathan Schneider. His essay explores what we lose as our physical book collections, gathered by mind, heart and soul, are replaced with millions of restless individual books digitized mainlyContinue reading “is your library your memory theater?”