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It’s Brush and Bulky pickup week!  My week when the city  sends its big trash trucks around the neighborhood to  pick up  stuff you can’t fit into your regular trash container. Broken furniture, tree branches, palm fronds, kiddie toys cracked and faded by the desert sun. No chemicals or paint.

This is turning into a cultural event. Most junk never makes it into the trash truck but gets picked up by neighbors or by strangers who drive the streets  looking for salvageable items to keep or sell.

In past Brush-and-Bulkys nearly everything I put out vanished almost as soon as I left the front yard. I expected the same this time, and it did. Almost.

I just about killed myself hauling out a 4′ x 3′ coffee table made of whatever they call that manufactured weighs-a-ton fake wood.  It was stained black, still solid and unwiggly, with only a few scratches. No one I know wanted it because it’s too big and heavy, and I had no way to take it to Goodwill and never know if Salvation Army will refuse to load it when they see a few scratches. Bulky pickup furniture rarely ends up in the landfill because hope springs eternal in curb pickers with repair skills.

I got it to the curb by pulling it through my house on a blanket, then onto a thick plastic tarp. Saturday was 102 degrees, a bit humid, and I had to take dragging breaks every ten feet. By the time I stood the table on end at the curb, I wanted it out of my life forever. I figured that would happen within an hour.

Five hours later the only non-brush items left on my block were a stained broken turquoise upholstered rocker and my coffee table. I was insulted.

Eight hours later the turquoise rocker was gone. I was depressed.

And exhausted from a day of heavy cleaning, so I ordered pizza.

Forty minutes later the pound on the door and a young delivery guy. I gave him cash, took the pizza, and he asked, “What’s up with that coffee table?” I told him it was bulky pickup week and no one wanted the table. “Wow, my mother needs a coffee table and I could fix it up. Can I have it?”

He was even driving a truck.

I hope his mom likes it.


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